Programs & Services

I am a student of Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. I strive to improve myself and my world. I train for discipline, honor, peace and respect. I am a martial artist.

We strive to help develop the positive qualities displayed in this creed during every class. We, as instructors, live by our creed and expect all students to do the same. The creed is developed for use at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy as well as in our daily lives.

Charlotte Martial Arts Academy focuses on martial arts training incorporating a number of styles, as well as fitness, kickboxing, and self-defense programs.  

Training the body and mind in any of these disciplines boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and encourages greater self-control. Let us be one more positive influence in your life, or the development of your children, as you or they seek to improve through hard, yet fun, work as part of the Charlotte Martial Arts Academy family.

Reasons to practice martial arts:

  • Get fit
  • Find focus
  • Learn perseverance
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Connect mind and body
  • Relax under pressure
  • Build character



Adult Class - 13 and over All belt levels welcome
Brown, 2nd Brown & High Brown Belts
White, High White, Yellow and High Yellow Belt
Black Belts who are probationary or 1st degree may take this class.
Black Belts who are either probationary 2nd or 3rd or full rank 2nd or 3rd may take this class.
Only Black Belt Club Members may take this class.
All Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt students may take this class. It is counted as a curriculum class and a FKB class.
Monthly Unlimited Fitness Kickboxing Classes
High Blue, Red and High Red Belts
4 - 6 year olds.
Only Brown Belts and higher may take this class.
Green, High Green and Blue Belts
Exercise Bands/Bar Class