Our Style

Students at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy learn a variety of styles. Exposing students to a range of disciplines gives the opportunity to individualize training and keeps practice more interesting. In martial arts, says Sensei Price paraphrasing the inimitable Bruce Lee, “there is no one right method, no one method that is the best…You have to be efficient at multiple styles and pull from each one what works from you.”


Sensei Price is a Master Instructor under Bruce Lee’s former student Richard Bustillo of the International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy (IMB Academy).  Grandmaster Bustillo, a high-ranking Sigung in Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, also encourages a non-traditional approach focusing on the individual and providing a safe environment for students to experiment with many disciplines to develop their own style.

Styles taught in classes at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy include:


  • Jeet Kune Do — Bruce Lee’s core philosophies hone the individual’s mental and physical awareness as well as body fitness.
  • Judo — Competitive style of martial arts focused on throwing, pinning, immobilizing, or subduing one’s opponent.
  • Karate — Japanese striking martial art style incorporating punching, kicking, open hand techniques, some palm-heel moves as well as locks and restraints.
  • Wrestling/Jujitsu — Focused on close-range and ground encounters with attention to hand, leg, joint locks, as well as throws, sweeps, and submission locks.
  • Kali/Eskrima/Arnis — Providing awareness of offense, defense, and counters to defend against weaponry.
  • Boxing/Muay Thai — Emphasizing personal coordination and the use of hand, feet, elbow, and knee strikes for effective defense.
  • Wing Chun — Approaching self-defense from a real-world, close-range perspective employing a Chinese martial arts form.