Little Dragons

“In the two years that he spent with the Little Dragons, Nicolas grew into a self-confident child at ease with the world and himself. He also learned a lot of leadership skills for life, and Sensei Price's magnetic personality made it fun.” — Jurgen Buchenau

Your little one may be small, but he or she is likely full of energy.  Children as young as four years of age learn to channel their boundless enthusiasm in a positive direction when they join the Little Dragons at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy.

Our pre-karate skills program targets four- to six-year-olds specifically by combining introductory level martial arts skills with fun programming that boosts self-awareness and self-control.  Our students learn respect, manners, self-confidence, and self-discipline in an environment that values hard work, living with honor, and healthy living.

Little Dragons are encouraged to live by the following creed:
I am a Little Dragon. I am caring. I am courteous. I am helpful. I am smart. I am strong. I am a Little Dragon.

Parents and teachers will see the results while students have fun learning new things from our excellent instructors!