Karate Birthday Parties

You serve the kids cake — they proceed to run around your lovely home practicing kickboxing oh so very close to your great grandmother’s heirloom china and try out their ninja moves on your aged family dog Daisy.


Why take the risk? Make everything about your child’s birthday party easier by booking the party at the Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. Change your “Ahhhh! No,” to a “Hi-yah! Yes!”


What does a party involve?

Your birthday child and guests will get to enjoy an age-appropriate karate lesson and games while we insure the guest of honor feels special. We offer two party options:


Karate Party One

  • 90 minutes of supervised Karate Party fun including a karate lesson and games.
  • Invitations and directions to our facility
  • Decorations
  • Birthday Cake
  • Drinks
  • Plates, cups, forks and other utensils
  • A reduced lesson coupon for all of your guests.

Price: $269 for up to 8 guests. $10 more for each additional guest.


Karate Party Two


All of the above from Karate Party One



  • Delicious, hot pizza
  • Karate headbands for each guest
  • Free or reduced lesson coupons for all guests

Price: $369 for up to 8 guests. $10 more for each additional guest.


What do we do?

We order the cake, buy the food, decorate, entertain, serve refreshments, and clean up!


What do you do?

Sit back, relax, and have a great time.

“I don't know how Sensei Price got all of those six-year-old, energetic little boys to sit and listen, but he was awesome with them! All the kids were engaged and when the party was over, I'm pretty sure they all wanted to stay for more! Well done — A+ from this teacher!” — Debbie Gordon Holzberg