Charlotte Martial Arts Academy is located in a 7,800-square-foot training facility in the city’s South End.

Two spacious studios are devoted to martial arts with floor-to-ceiling mirrors along the wall for students and instructors to monitor progress while working on the mats. Our mat flooring is made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam — the same material used often in sports shoes to absorb shock — so it’s a safe surface on which our students can practice martial arts without causing undue stress to bones and muscles. We also work hard to keep the mat surfaces clean by asking all students and spectators to remove their shoes in the academy’s main lobby.  

Yes, we did mention spectators. We have comfortable bench, chair, and sofa seating in both studios for parents to view their students’ progress. There is also a windowed room off the front studio where parents can keep an eye on the activities out on the mats while entertaining younger children without distracting the class.

To facilitate a wide variety of training approaches our studio is equipped with:

  • full assist weights
  • kicking shields
  • treadmills
  • heavy bags
  • focus mitts  

We also have a retail space where students can purchase uniform, equipment, and accessories for use in class and other fitness training.