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Welcome to Charlotte Martial Arts Academy!

At Charlotte Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) we want to help you reach your goals. Offering programs for students beginning at age four and up to adults, we are proud to be Charlotte’s leading Martial Arts School and Fitness Center.

Our classes encourage discipline, respect, and confidence while encouraging greater physical fitness and personal strength (mental and physical).

As the co-founders of CMAA, we believe every one can benefit from stepping on the mats and putting their physical and mental fitness first. With our range of martial arts disciplines, kickboxing, fitness, and nutrition instruction, you’re sure to maximize your potential when you join our Martial Arts family.

        — Sensei Michael Price & Sensei Mary Roberts

Strong Stance



Begin any Martial Arts program for only $79.99 for the first month.  Includes an official uniform and unlimited training.  See you on the mats!!!


CMAA Family, 

As of now, we are planning on being open Monday for regular classes.  However, Monday's 8am-9am FKB class will be held from 10-11am to give people more time to navigate safely!  

With love & respect, - sensei

Check out these upcoming events...

09/19 CMS Workday Camp from 8-6pm


Students of the Month

Little Dragon: Nixon Hogan
Junior: Ainsley Lauder
Adult: Donald Schmit
Black Belt Club/Nidan Club: Alden Fletcher
SWAT: Owen Muncy
Elite SWAT: IA Ellis Small
STORM: Sho-Kohai Jacob Glenn 
FKB: Jennifer Roberts